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The Light House of Alexandria:  One of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It took 12 years to build. Details   

Cleopatra Needle, London 
Lost and found at sea, the story is one of Alexandria’s 19th century legends – more details 
Language and identity

what language Alexandrians speak? no not Arabic, but demotic Alexandrian (modern Egyptian, written in Arabic script/alphabet ).

plače Muhammed Ali

known as Mancsia (manchia) named after its designer Francesco Mancini, who built most of the area  1820s-40s. The Statue of Muhammed Ali Pasha, who is the founder of modern Egypt,  is the protector of the city in Alexandrian folklore.

Alexandrians who built the city and her culture over 2350 years

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Alexander The Great 356-323 BC

BC Founded Alexandria in 330 BC

The story democratisation of knowledge and the  founding Alexandria , built by Dinocrates Rhodes  .

Cleopatra VII 69-30 BC

The last Queen of Egypt 51-30 BC

The Queen who had great ambitions, expanded her kingdom and the library by collecting books from all over the world; and also invented festivals and fun. Spoke several languages 

Cavafy -

The Poet of Alexandria 1863-1933

The poet of  Alexandria :



Hypatia of Alexandria

Philosopher mathematician 235/70-415 AD

235/70 -450 AD.

murdered by a mob on the order of bishop Cyril 

What is new in the book

The Author interviews politicians and leaders who made history, including the first president of Egypt, Ambassadors, generals, and rebels   

Gladstone’s personal investment and financial interest in invading Egypt in 1882.

Why didn’t Eden listen to Churchill’s concerns about distrusting Colonel nasser?

Who was at 10 Downing Street on the Night Nasser “pinched Suez Canal” and what happened then?

What the critics say

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