Alexandrian language

Contrary to the common misconception ( enforced by ignorant shallow western media journalists and poorly educated, so-called academics), the Alexandrians (and Egyptians in general) do not speak Arabic, no, the speak Alexandrians. It is a demotic ( ie the people’s language used in everyday life), which is a sub language of  demotic Egyptian. It predates Arabic be several millennia, and over 80% of its vernacular, verbs, names and actions are easily traced back to ancient Egyptian times to 4000BC.


Alexandria's identity

The great city’s identity was made over two millennia from the accumulation of many components: the people in their multiple ethnicity, the language and its development, the architecture, the intellectual work, culture and art, from the time of Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which began accumulating texts and scholars arriving around 2500 BC, throughout the years from Zenodotus, to Hypatia, all the way to the modern age of Cavafy. Architecture, traders, and pople.