Cap d’Or or Sheikh Ali’s?

Established in 1900 by Alexandrians of Greek and French origins it changed name, but didn’t change spirit

For over 100 years the Cap d’or had been the watering hole for the Bourse trades, journalists and later for visitors and tourists. The bar was originally owned by two Greeks and a French man, and was called Cap d’Or. ar..

When the Greco-Alexandrians and their and Franco-Alexandrian partners, fled under Nasser’s grabbing of private enterprises, Mr Ali bought the bar for 500 pounds. It was then bigger and was divided into a grocery and a bar. Ali bought the bar only, and kept it as it was, but he added the food. The reason he was nicknamed Sheikh Ali, was his decision to stop serving alcohol on Fridays (under pressure for |Islamists) , hence the Cap d’Or became known as Sheikh Ali’s b